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Farabi Petrochemicals Group, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is a global major in Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) & N-Paraffin business.

Farabi Group Comprises of Farabi Petrochemicals company (FPC), Farabi Yanbu Petrochemicals Company (FYPC), Farabi Downstream company (FDC), HADAF International Energy Company (HADAF) and Farabi Marketing company (FMC), located at Jubail and Yanbu Industrial cities of KSA.

Farabi today operates two world scale Normal Paraffin plants, and 3 world scale LAB plants, in addition to its specialty oils and specialty chemicals plants at Yanbu & Jubail. Farabi is the largest N-Paraffin and the second largest LAB Producer in the world today.

With the Commissioning of its new complexes at Yanbu & Jubail in 2020, Farabi today has a broad portfolio of around 1 million tons per year of Petrochemical intermediates, Specialty Surfactants and downstream derivatives for Home & Laundry care, Personal care, Fuel Treatment & Corrosion inhibition chemicals, Metal working fluids, Lubes, Mining, Power Generation & Transmission fluids, Solar energy and Heat transfer fluids, Oil field and other Specialty chemicals for industrial applications.

Farabi’s range of Products provide the Business a Global Leadership Position in LAB, N-Paraffins and Strategic diversification into various specialty surfactants & chemicals, aimed at import substitution in the region.


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