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Farabi Petrochemicals Company is the largest producer of Liner Alkyl Benzene (LAB) in Middle East. Farabi started operations with its 1st integrated Normal Paraffin (NP) and Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) complex in 2006 at Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Farabi’s 2nd NP and LAB complex in Yanbu and its Downstream derivatives complex in Jubail are under construction and will be commissioned by mid of this year. This capacity expansion will propel Farabi to become one of the largest producers of NP and LAB in the world. Farabi portfolio will grow substantially to 1 MTPA of various products categories and grades once commissioning of new facilities completed.

Farabi Jubail complex will produce industrial surfactants and additive products for heavy fuel treatment, lubes, heat transfer fluids, mining and oil field applications for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

As a strong market focused organization with its own direct marketing and logistics capability, Farabi is planning to market the products in its existing and new markets through its established and growing customer segments.


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