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Mohammed Z. Al-Wadaey | Group CEO

Farabi Petrochemicals Company 

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the Farabi website. This is a reflection of Farabi’s journey towards realizing its vision “to be the preferred world leader in LAB business and to diversify its petrochemicals product portfolio”.

Since inception in 2006 until today, Farabi is known as a reputable supplier to leading detergent manufacturers around the world. It is known for its excellent product quality, supply chain reliability, logistics solutions, and growth oriented partner. In 2012, it had its capacity expansion when it successfully commissioned LAB-2 Plant.

Farabi further envision to be a leader in energy efficiency and natural resources conservation through its Sustainability initiatives. Farabi adopt the latest technologies in petrochemicals industry in line with the Kingdom's vision 2030 in sustainably improving processing units and increasing capacities at various stages

Farabi’s plants, both in Jubail and Yanbu Industrial Cities utilize a state of the art infrastructure which are fully integrated with the existing industries, seaports and major utility companies.

Farabi strongly believes in the principle of giving back to the society. It remained committed to its responsibility toward building a better society by focusing on areas such as health, sanitation, environment protection and skills development, which have yielded significant amount of benefits to the local society.

Capitalizing on its success, Farabi Shareholders approved a mega project in Yanbu Industrial City to expand the core business, and several speciality oils. It also has new expansion in Jubail Industrial City for Downstream.

The Farabi Yanbu Petrochemicals Project is expected to be one of the largest complexes to produce Paraffin and Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) in the world. This project consists of seven major processing units producing more than 14 lines of products. The total production capacity is anticipated more than half a million tons per year of intermediates, downstream, specialty chemicals and petrochemicals.

Farabi Yanbu Petrochemicals Complex main units are as follows;

  • Paraffin Plant, to produce normal and heavy types of Paraffin.
  • Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) Products Complex and its derivatives.
  • Asphalt Sulfonates Unit for specialized applications.
  • Specialty Oil Production Unit (Non-Aromatic Liquids).
  • Production unit for chemicals required for mining applications.
  • Sulfur Production Unit.
  • Process Oils and Lubes
  • Mining Chemicals

Farabi Downstream project in Jubail Industrial City is adjoining to the existing integrated LAB complex consists of the following units;

  • Fuel Additives plant.
  • Alkyl Aryl products and derivatives.
  • Olefins Sulfonates.
  • Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluids.
  • Oil Field fluids and chemicals.
  • Alkyl Aryl Sulfonates.
  • Heavy Alkyl Benzene Sulfonation Acid.

I greatly appreciate Farabi employees for their tremendous efforts, passion and resilience in delivering results. I also extend my sincere thanks to all our partners, clients, technology licensors, financial institutions, banks, business associates, the Government and other Corporations.

On behalf of Farabi, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Farabi Shareholders for their invaluable support, confidence, and unwavering trust throughout these years which enabled Farabi to scale new heights, year after year.