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Winner of Partner Excellence Award from Unilever

It is our pride and pleasure to announce that Farabi Petrochemicals won the Partner Excellence Award from Unilever, our major customer. Out of Unilever’s 40,000 suppliers and from the 300 nominees, Farabi won the award for demonstrating commitment to excellence over the past 15 years as top LAB supplier. Unilever recognized Farabi’s consistent support to Unilever’s global growth ambitions and global supply chain planning model for resilience and responsiveness. Let us keep upholding our values as we aspire to reach higher heights!

02 December 2020

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  • An Introduction to the Farabi and our services
  • Find out how Farabi being organised with the help of our Mission & Vision
  • From certificates to awards, find out what we achieve in the past.
  • Learn more how Farabi provide high quality products with our policies