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Blood Donation Campaign 2022

The blood donation drive is an annual life-saving program of Farabi Petrochemicals not only to help increase the blood supply in our community but also, to create awareness among employees to inculcate the value of giving and make them socially responsible individuals.

We are glad that as an organization, we saw these numbers:

  • 81 bags of blood collected from friends and colleagues who showed up to donate blood.
  • 62% increase from the target bags to be collected.
  • 45% increase in the turnout rate compared to the last blood donation drive.



February 20, 2022

Section Highlights

  • An Introduction to the Farabi and our services
  • Find out how Farabi being organised with the help of our Mission & Vision
  • From certificates to awards, find out what we achieve in the past.
  • Learn more how Farabi provide high quality products with our policies