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Around 30 employees have taken their time off and volunteered for the coastal clean-up initiative early morning on 20 June 2022, Monday at RC’s Dareen Beach.

In partnership with Royal Commission for Jubail (RCJ), the coastal cleanup is one of Farabi Petrochemicals social initiatives that focuses on environment and was designed to engage Farabi employees on the importance of coastal cleanup and enable them to become the leaders of environmental protection.

Around two tons of garbage was collected from the shoreline.

“I am happy on the drive of the employees to volunteer for this initiative, their passion and high spirit, but we would not have this if people in our community were responsible in handling their litters,” Ziyad Bahamdan, Technical Division GM, said.

“Coastal cleanup is important and shall be part of our culture because everything people leave on the beach ends up in the oceans and come back to us in the water we drink or the food we eat”, he added.

The majority of the trash that was found during the cleanup drive consisted of cigarette butts, bottle caps, drinking straws and various microplastics. These trashes are ingested by marine life and it’s a constant cycle. Picking up these trashes helps keep microplastics out of our bodies.


20 June 2022

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