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Educating Children is the Focus of Farabi’s 2-day Environmental Awareness Event

Farabi Petrochemicals organized a 2-day environment workshop at the Galleria Mall in Fanateer on 29 – 30 June 2022 aimed at educating children on how they can lead greener lives in the future. The environmental initiative, in partnership with the Royal Commission attracted 550 children for the whole 2-day event and featured tree planting activity and recycling awareness.

Mr. Ziyad Bahamdan, Technical Division GM, who commissioned the initiative, said the initiative was part of a wider program of Farabi’s Responsible Care and Social Initiatives.

“It is paramount important that children are calibrated with environmental protection, that environmental education should address from the grass root level, so that they would easily understand early on in their life the environmental issues they will face in the future and why the Saudi Green Initiative in line with Vision 2030 was established.”

(Mr. Ziyad Bahamdan poses as he pledges his commitment to environment protection on the pledge wall.)

Meanwhile, the 2-day event also showcased a marketing corner aimed at creating brand awareness for Farabi as a company where few select brand ambassadors engaged with the stakeholders about Farabi Petrochemicals “who we are and what we do” branding campaign.

(Mr. Ziyad Bahamdan (left) together with Mr. Hmood AlOsaimi (2nd from left), Royal Commission Social Affairs Manager)

29 June 2022

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