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Technology and Capacity Details

Technology Provider UOP
Plant Capacity NPN Plant 120,000 MTA
LAB - 1 Plant 70,0000 MTA
LAB - 2 Plant 70,0000 MTA
Year of Commissioning NPN & LAB - 1 July, 2006
LAB - 2 February, 2012


Manufacturing Process

  • FARABI uses the latest UOP proprietary MOLEX adsorbent technology for manufacturing N-paraffins and the latest eco-friendly DETAL technology for manufactuting LAB.
  • The major raw material for N-Paraffin is Kerosene after extraction of N-Paraffine, the balance is returned to SASREF.
  • H2 is also a raw material for N-Paraffin and is received from KEMYA by pipeline.
  • N-Paraffin is used mostly as intermediate for the LAB unit and the rest is for sales.


Our Process