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Training & Development

FARABI recognizes that the most important resource of the organization is its employees. It is committed to train and develop the entire workforce to enhance their knowledge and to equip them with necessary skills to explore their full potential. This will enable the organization to achieve its goals and objectives through well trained and competent working teams.

Professional Development Program (PDP)

This is a comprehensive development program designed to develop fresh graduate engineers in different engineering disciplines (Process, Production, Maintenance, Business/Strategic Planning etc.) under the close mentoring of an expert engineer. During this program, participants will thoroughly be familiarized with different process units in the Plant, carried through on-job tasks, assignments, training courses, simulation etc. with multiple evaluations after each phase.

Post Qualification Program (PQP)

This is an on-the-job development program designed to train and qualify the main workforce of the Plant (Operators and Technicians). The whole Plant has been divided into multiple qualification units (Posts) and the target employees are assigned in different posts to learn on the job, under the guidance of an experienced staff. It involves self-study, safety awareness, skill development, field tests, assessments, written exams and interviews to ensure that the target employees are fully qualified and competent to work in the Plant independently.

Individual Development Program (IDP)

Employees in other fields also having their customized IDP, which enlists all sorts of training and development activities assigned for the employee, that includes but not limited to, On-job tasks, Self-learning assignments, Classroom trainings, External seminars/conferences etc.

Talent Management Program

High Potential employees with special talents are considered as assets for Farabi, who will be bestowed with special developments programs and exposure to various management roles, enabling their fast track development in their career path, while ensuing leadership continuity for the organization.

Cooperation Program with Universities and Colleges (Coop)

This program targets final year students in Universities and Colleges, to provide opportunity to new generations to understand the business scenarios and work environment, which will make them capable and confident to take up professional jobs or assignments, after their graduation.