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Working in FARABI

Our People

Farabi offers ideal work environment to career aspirants, who are committed to professionalism and confident to take up challenges, giving priority to Saudi nationals. It also offers competitive salary structure, attractive benefit packages, high level of job satisfaction and encouragement for career growth and development.

Skills development: Committed to the advancement of our employees through a comprehensive range of on-site and external training courses that develop technical know-how and skills.

Creativity: Provides environment and encouragement for our employees to fully exploit their potential and demonstrate their capabilities.

Diversity: Utilizes the innovative capabilities of a diverse workforce who can appreciate and respond to the uniqueness of our business; an increasingly diverse Farabi will be more adaptive to the needs of our customers and better able to reward our employees.

Employment Benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • Housing and Transportation benefits
  • Annual Performance driven Bonus and increments
  • Competitive Family Medical Insurance
  • Home Ownership Program
  • Competitive End of Service Benefits
  • Training and Development Opportunities
  • Other miscellaneous allowances based on business needs.

Unity in Diversity

A united work culture and the diverse workforce are critical to our success and are aligned with our core values of Team work, Excellence, Trust & Respect for people. The varied skills, experience and expertise of people from different countries, cultures and ages benefit our business, guiding us to aspire for higher performance standards and helping us to better understand our customers across the globe.


Compensation & Benefits\ Rewards & Recognitions

Our competitive salaries and benefits reflect the market conditions and the high level of skills and experience required for the business. We recognize and reward individual and group achievements through performance based annual appraisals, increments, bonuses, housing & transport allowances.

We take extreme care in the safety & health of the employees as well as their dependent family members by providing competitive health insurance coverage, regular health checkups within the company and corporate engagements with recreation clubs. Also, we encourage and support our employees to take part in socially committed projects and personality development platforms.