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Farabi Petrochemical Co.

Road 272

Jubail Industrial City,

Eastern Province 31961,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

FYPC Project

8386 King Abdulaziz Rd,

4016, Yanbu 46475 8386,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Contact Information

Sales and Marketing Division
Mr. M. Periyanayaham
Director, Marketing & Strategic Planning
P: +966 13 356-5012
F: +966 13 356-5010

Procurement Department
Mr. Bader Ali AlYami
Procurement Manager
P: +966 13 356-5091
F: +966 13 356-5008

Corporate Headquarters
Farabi Petrochemicals Company
P.O. Box 11763, Jubail Industrial City 31961

Wasel Address:
7974 – Abu Ali Road – Industrial City
Unit No. 1 Jubail 35713-5483
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
P: +966 13 356-5000
F: +966 13 356-5008