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Registration & Update Forms

Dear Supplier,

We appreciate your interest in registering as a supplier for Farabi Petrochemicals Company. Our objective in Procurement is to acquire needed materials and services as efficiently and as inexpensively as possible, while assuring fair, equitable opportunity to all qualified vendors.

As we strive to achieve our vision to be the preferred world Leader in LAB business, and grow our petrochemical products portfolio, Farabi is dedicated to the highest standards of ethical, social and environmental responsibility.

All vendors within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (local) or outside the kingdom (foreign) are required to fill the registration application and submit the needed documents via e-mail. FPC recommend all vendors to update their information from time to time. Kindly, do visit the company's website for any updates regarding suppliers’ issues.

The Supplier registration does not necessarily mean that you are a qualified manufacturer to supply the materials. If pre-qualification is necessary, supplier must complete the pre-qualification process for his factory in accordance the nature of the material after the registration notification. For manufacturers Pre-qualification process, you may visit the company's website. FPC has the right to suspend trading with suppliers who does not achieve the level of performance consistent with FPCs standards based on periodic evaluation of the vendor's performance within a year of registration.

To register your company must satisfy the criteria for registration. This includes holding the appropriate qualifications and meeting our standards. Applicants for registration who do not hold the required qualifications may, if they meet all the other eligibility criteria for registration, be granted registration subject to the condition that they achieve the required qualifications within a specified period.

To register in FPC suppliers must read below important guidelines of the registration process. It’s explained both Local & Foreign suppliers.

For any assistance on vendor management you can reach us on below:

Procurement Department

P: +966 13 356-5091

F: +966 13 356-5008

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vendor Registration/Pre-Qualification:

How to register in Farabi? 


  1. Fill the Prequalification Form.
  2. Provide All documents in checklist. (application will be rejected if any expired documents are provided)
  3. Follow below guidelines so your application will not be rejected.


  1. All Legal documents shall match the Commercial Registration Number/Name you are registering with in FPC.
  2. You must provide all the valid documents in the checklist. (application will be rejected if any expired documents are provided)
  3. You must fill the full contact details in the form as it will reflected in the PO.
  4. You must fill the full address of your company in the form as it will reflected in the PO.
  5. You must Sign & Stamp (official stamp) the prequalification form.
  6. Scan all documents in (pdf) format, saved & combined in a single (pdf) with high resolution.
  7. FPC updates its vendor database on Yearly basis. Kindly visit suppliers page & update your company vendor data via below “Vendor Update Form ”.
  8. Links are not accepted due to (IT) security reasons.
  9. If any changes in the company name, provide a letter from Ministry of Commerce for legal name change.
  10. Hardcopies are not accepted (any provided hardcopy will be rejected).
  11. You will only receive your Farabi Vendor ID once you pass qualification step.
  12. Completing the Supplier Registration Process does not guarantee business with Farabi.
  13. Registration will be auto rejected if no compliance with above guidelines.
Vendor Update
(only applicable for already registered vendors)
Form Checklist