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Farabi Petrochemicals Company established in 2002, is committed to Safety, Health and Environment and is maintaining an enviable record in all these areas.

FPC is now working towards sustainability with social, economic and environment responsibility. In addition to attaining excellence in our business, we are determined in benefiting all stakeholders with the policy of transparent disclosure towards sustainable development and demonstrate our care for the future generation.

FPC has accredited with OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and RC 14001 by Lloyd. FPC has also been partnering with its customers to deal with the impact of global climate change.

FPC is committed to reduce CO2-eq emission intensity by 20% over the period of next 10 years starting from 2013. The program is strategized as under: Operational Goals, Social Responsibilities, and Employee Health & Safety. However, some of the global participation and Initiatives, FPC has considered are:

  • CDP, Carbon Disclosure Project
  • GRI, Global Reporting Initiatives
  • GPCA Sustainable Reporting
  • ACI's Sustainability Metrics Program