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Sustainability Initiatives

We focus on reducing CO2-e emission intensity by improving energy efficiency as the key levers. In 2013, we conducted energy management study and identified certain initiatives to improve energy efficiency, reduce flaring and decrease GHG emissions.

While pursuing the long-term objective to minimize risks, near-term objectives includes the following initiatives:

  • Promoting energy efficiency
  • Deploying strategic technologies that reduce greenhouse-gas emissions cost-effectively
  • Water conservation
  • Emission reduction
  • Promote global participation
  • Apply 3R’s methodology for waste management as a minimum
  • Adopted GRI framework for sustainability reporting
  • Participating in Carbon Disclosure Projects, CDP programs
  • ACI performance metrics program
  • RC/GPCA performance metrics and sustainability programs
  • Social & Economic Development (Child Development and People reach out program, Promoted Hand Hygiene Campaign, Promoting Green Environment and Stakeholder Engagement)