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Sustainability Team

Our Sustainability Committee directly manages all sustainability initiatives. The committee established in 2013, consists of members representing the different functions of the organisation’s value chain. The sustainability committee is chaired by the Sustainability Chairman. The role of the Sustainability chairman is to drive internal and external sustainability improvements.

The team acts as a resource to support and enable company’s commitments in lined with policies towards sustainable development.



The committee’s main roles and responsibilities are to:

  • Conduct Awareness Programs on Sustainability
  • Develop long term plan for sustainability
  • Define Sustainability Metrics
  • Nurture Initiatives and steer for implementation
  • Review and adopt GRI frame work for reporting
  • Review and ensure timely CDP Reporting
  • Promote Environmental Care aspects
  • Ensure regulatory requirements are complied with
  • Farabi’s Annual/Periodic Sustainability Report
  • Sustainability improvements, opportunities and initiatives
  • Sustainability Roadmap and Improvement Action Plan
  • Engagement of stakeholders